QWhat shipment terms do you normally offer?

Our typical ship terms are either FCA or FOB Taiwan.

QWhat payment terms do you normally offer?

New accounts typically will start with T/T before shipment.  We will extend credit terms as a payment history is formed.  Please note any payment terms starting with “invoice date” means the date goods are ready for pick up (e.g. ex-factory ready date).  Delays by the ocean forwarder in picking up goods are not our responsibility, though we will do our best to assist.

QWhat warranty terms do you normally offer?

Victory typically offers a discount in lieu of warranty. Please contact a salesperson for further details.

QWhat is your minimum order quantity per model?

For units, we are flexible but typically request 1 pallet as MOQ.
For parts, we are flexible but typically request 1 master carton as MOQ.
For very small parts, we will specify the MOQ at time of order.

QWhat is your minimum shipment quantity?

We ask that each shipment is at least 3 pallets, and we normally try to ship a purchase order when it is 100% complete.

QCan we visit your facility?

We welcome client visits and feel an in person meeting is crucial to building a long term relationship.  Please contact us or your sales account manager to coordinate a meeting.

QDo you attend exhibitions?

We do attend exhibitions, but do not always exhibit at a booth.  Please contact us if you will be at an exhibition in the near future to set up a meeting with us.  Please also look under News and Events to see which exhibition we plan on attending.

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