Victory Industrial Corporation was founded in 1966, and Unipoint was founded in 1972.  Unipoint became a part of Victory when Victory acquired Unipoint’s rotating electrical business in 2019.  Together, we have more than a century of rotating electrical expertise and technology.  We are one of the largest manufacturers of rotating electrical products in Asia and offer a full range (over 10,000 OE SKUs) of brand new, high quality alternators, starters, related products and components.  We are based in Taiwan and service the OE and aftermarket segments worldwide.

Victory started business as an original equipment manufacturer for Yulon (Nissan) in Taiwan.  Given Taiwan's intense heat, humidity and traffic conditions, Victory's alternators had to be designed and manufactured to the most rigorous specifications.  As a result, we built our high quality reputation from our OE roots.  Since then, Victory has expanded into the global aftermarket, including the acquisition of Unipoint’s rotating electrical business, one of the most well-known companies and brands in the automotive aftermarket.



Victory’s corporate headquarters, manufacturing and warehousing are all located in Taiwan.  Unipoint’s operations have all been consolidated into Victory facilities.  We utilize approximately 100,000 sq. ft. (9,300 sqm.) in production space and 50,000 sq. ft. (4,650 sqm.) in warehouse facilities.

Victory has extensive in house R&D and engineering capability.  We have our own proprietary design technology which we use for our patented high density stator windings and electronics design.  We utilize our own ASIC and can customize electronic specifications for our clients.  We can often improve upon OE performance specifications at the customer’s request.

Unlike many overseas manufacturers, we also have the ability to fabricate our own custom production machinery, tooling and fixtures.  In recent years, our operations have undergone extensive automation upgrades to increase production efficiency and consistency.



Victory is ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintains even higher internal quality standards.  As a result, we have been approved as an OE level supplier to Bosch and other OE clients for many years.  Prior to its acquisition by Victory, Unipoint was a Bosch Group company for over a decade.ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

We maintain a wide range of on-site testing equipment that allows us to meet the most rigorous OE program requirements through in house testing.  A sample of our in house testing equipment is listed here:

  • Alternator and Starter Durability Testers
  • Temperature & Humidity Tester
  • Traditional Starter Tester
  • Torque Tester
  • Overload Tester
  • Saltwater Spray Tester
  • Rectifier tester
  • Reverse Polarity Overvoltage Tester
  • Thermal Shock Tester
  • Diode Tester
  • Armature Centrifugal Tester
  • 2D and 3D Vibration Testers
  • Solenoid Life Tester
  • Clutch Tester
  • Drop Tester
  • Solenoid Attraction Tester
  • Shock Stop Tester
  • Noise chamber


Victory’s client base includes some of the world’s largest OE and aftermarket companies.  Therefore, we understand service and support are just as important as competitive pricing.


We have experience in preparing for and passing rigorous on-site process audits, as well as social responsibility and environmental audits.


We have developed expertise in various customer forecast, ordering, and shipping systems (e.g. EDI, SupplyOn, etc.)


We can interface directly with your technical and QC teams and can offer root cause/corrective action analysis, engineering change notices, custom solutions and feedback.


We are able to provide detailed vendor backlog reporting and troubleshoot supply chain issues regularly.

In sum, we can offer full turnkey service and support and establish direct client access to multiple Victory departments, including our executive management and ownership.

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