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FeatureHigh quality bearings

BenefitLonger life time

FeatureHigh quality copper in rotor and stator

BenefitLess impurities for greater stability

FeatureHigh quality grade of aluminum

BenefitIncreased endurance and reliability

FeatureRectifier with OE-spec diode

BenefitLonger life time

FeatureRegulator in house design
and manufacturing

BenefitLonger life and higher performance

Unique quality at the right price

Thanks to Unipoint extensive experience in starter motor and alternator production, we have developed processes and standards necessary to meet today’s extensive market requirements. Unipoint’s range of starter motors and alternators are built to stringent performance and manufacturing criteria, with our products being tested to ensure reliability and performance.

Cheaper starters and alternators may appear the same, but a closer look will reveal the superior quality and long-term value of Unipoint. When you purchase a genuine Unipoint starter or alternator, you are investing in a quality product with reliable warranty and technical support.


FeatureSolenoid with environmentally friendly coating material and high grade copper

BenefitLonger life time

Feature100% performances test

BenefitQuality assurance

FeatureCorrosion resistant

BenefitLonger life in harsh conditions

FeatureUse high quality magnet wire in armature

BenefitStable current supply for longer lifetime

Extensive range for complete solution

Whether for a late model or early model vehicles, Unipoint likely has the starter or alternator for your vehicle. Since 1972, Unipoint starter and alternator range has expanded to over 2,000 part numbers. We offer comprehensive coverage including over 23,000 vehicle applications in Europe and 10,000 vehicle applications in both Asia Pacific and Latin America.

We are focused on providing solutions to meet market and customer requirements including coverage for passenger cars and trucks, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles, and offhighway applications. We offer coverage for all makes including European, American, and Asian OEM’s.



Comprehensive coverage for North American, European, Japanese & Korean made Passenger Cars, SUV's & Light Duty Trucks.

Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks

Comprehensive coverage for Line Haul Highway Transports Trucks, Dump Trucks, Concrete & Construction Trucks, Waste & Refuge Trucks, Delivery Vehicles, Emergency Equipment & other Utility Trucks.

Bus & Coach

Comprehensive coverage for Motor Home, Tour Coach and Transit buses including Airport Shuttle and Ground Support vehicles.

Marine, Outdoor & Power Equipment

Comprehensive coverage for Recreational & Commercial Outboard & Inboard Marine Engines & Personal Watercrafts, Lawn & Garden & Power Equipment used in Golf Coarse maintenance, Landscaping, Power Generators, Water Pumps & Irrigation.


Comprehensive coverage for Gas, Diesel & Electric Powered Forklifts & other Material Handling Equipment.


Comprehensive coverage for Construction Equipment, Mining, Oil & Gas, Drilling Equipment, Street Cleaning, Power Generators, Refrigeration units, Airport Ground Support Equipment, Military Equipment, Stand Alone Industrial Engines, Port & Shipping Equipment.


Comprehensive Coverage for Tractors, Combines, Swathers, Balers.