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About Us

Unipoint Taiwan

  • Manufacturer of New Starter Motors, Alternators & related Components, Fan Clutches since 1972
  • ISO-9001 and TS-16949 Certified, 500 Employees
  • Over 1600 Units Available with Extensive Coverage Rate of Worldwide Application; 150 New Products Launched Every Year
  • 100% Tested, our Products Ensure:
    1. Least Quality Variation
    2. Low Warranty Return
    3. Consistent Performance Specifications with Lean Type Manufacturing TPS Structure, Provide High Flexibility and Efficiency for Short Run Production
    4. Nearly 100% Made In House
  • Customized Modification for New Part Number
  • A Highly Automatic Manufacturing Facility
  • Computerized Automated Warehouse System for Accurate and Prompt Delivery
  • 80 Engineers Work in Our Organization
  • Unipoint China

    Taixiang Vehicle Replace Parts (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

  • Established in 1992, Located at Shenzhen Guangdong, China
  • Manufacturer of A/C parts, Wiper Blade, Wiper Arms and Electrical Parts
  • ISO-9001 and TS-16949 Certified with 2200 employees
  • A Fully Integrated Manufacturing Facility
  • Facility
    1. CNC Machine
    2. Stamping Machine
    3. Powder Painting Machine
    4. Automatic Welding Machine
    5. Automatic Balancing Machine
    6. Waste Water Treatment Equipment
  • Automated Warehouse System

    Company Profile

  • Systems Covering 42,000 Storage Locations.
  • Storage Space Equivalent to 31,300 M2(336,000Ft2).
  • First In, First Out, Update Quality.
  • Accurate Inventory Control for 100% Delivery.
  • Bring Operation Cost Down for a Better Pricing.
  • R & D

    Unipoint owns an outstanding professional engineering team to support our R&D capacity. Unipoint invests over 3.5 % of sales every year as R&D expense and applies over 20 patents in Taiwan, U.S. and E.U. market.

    Our Equipment

    Equipment List

    • 3-D Measuring System
    • Alternator Computer Service Life-Time Tester x9
    • Alternator Final Assembly Tester x6
    • Alternator Service Life-Time Tester x8
    • Angle Comparator
    • Arc Gauge
    • CNC x52
    • Cold/hot Impact Tester
    • Computer Servo Control Materials Testing Machines
    • Computer Servo-controlled Material Tester
    • Concentricity Calibration Pin
    • Concentricity Tester
    • Depth Gauge Linkage
    • DM Motor Computer Service Life—Time Tester
    • Fan Clutch Leakage Tester
    • Film-Thickness Meter
    • Fracture Strength Tester
    • Gear Contour Tester
    • Gear Micrometer
    • Growler Tester (Insulation Resistance test)
    • Hardness Tester
    • High-Temp Constant Tester
    • Humidity Thermometer
    • Impeller/Fan Life-Time Tester
    • Inner Screw Thread Gauge
    • Internal Diameter Micrometer
    • Laser Trim System x2
    • Lever Gauge
    • Metal Electrical Conductivity Tester
    • Micro Weight Libra
    • Micrometer Calibration Pin
    • Outer Screw Thread Gauge
    • Projector
    • Rectifier Life-Time Tester (12V) x3
    • Resilient Flexible Tester
    • Rotor Ring Centrifugal Force Tester
    • Salt Spray Tester x2
    • Scroll Rule
    • Shaft Torque Tester
    • Precised, High Quality Furnace x2
    • Slip Ring Centrifugal Force Tester x3
    • Spring Life-Time Tester
    • Spring-back Flexibility Tester
    • Stainless Steel Rule
    • Starter Computer Service Life—Time Tester x12
    • Starter Conventional Life-Time Tester x5
    • Starter Final Assembly Tester x10
    • Stator Lamination Ass'y Line
    • Surface Finish Calibration Specimen
    • Surface Mounter x3
    • Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument
    • Tensile Stress Meter
    • Thickness Gauge
    • Vibration Tester 1000type
    • Voltage Regulator Tester x30
    • Water RoHs Cr6+ Tester
    • Weighing Scale
    • Wire Bonding Machine x2